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This website is dedicated to helping collectors everywhere identify and maintain their beer napkin collections. Beer napkin collecting is a relatively new hobby although, they have been around for decades at your local bar or pub. Because they are made of paper, and disposable, many great old napkins are lost forever. This site will attempt to showcase the many beautiful napkins of the past, and present.

Within this site is a list of guides, by state, that will be updated with new napkins as they are added to the collection. These napkin guides will help to identify all known examples of beer napkins from a particular state. These will be updated as new napkins are discovered. The napkin guides are also a representation of the American Breweriana Association's (ABA) Museum collection. If a particular napkin is still needed for the collection it will designated so on the webpage. Some napkins are noted as being from a member's collection and it is identified as such because that person was the first to add it to the museum collection. In some cases, this may be the only known example.

The collection needs your help! If you have a napkin that is not included in the guides please contact me so it can be added and you will receive full credit for the submission. You can either send me a good quality scan of the napkin or mail it to me and I will scan it. One day this site will be as complete as possible for all known napkins.   The numbering and identification system is similar to the CoasterMania website, www.coastermania.com, maintained by George Barone for consistency across the hobby.  

Happy Collecting!!!

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